Youth Exchange Program

The Rotary Club of Woodstock supports an array of programs targeting the youth in our community and around the world.

Our club hosts a Rotary Youth Exchange student for a year. These students come from all over the world to live in our community, attend our high schools and experience life in the United State. In turn, we have the opportunity to learn about their home country and culture. In recent years, students have come from Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Our club also sponsors Woodstock high school students who want to go on an exchange to another country. Students have spent a year in Japan, Chile and Austria.

Youth Scholarships

There are many paths to success and our club supports our youth’s efforts to find their path through three scholarships – the Service Above Self scholarship that is for a student pursuing a college education and has exemplified serving their community: the Frejd Vocational Scholarship for a high school senior pursuing a technical or two year degree.

In addition, each year the club send three high school students to Rotary Youth Leadership Academy, which is a three-day leadership program helping students understand themselves and the elements of leadership.

Woodstock Rotary Foundation Academic Scholarship Application

Peace Essays

World Peace and peace in our communities is one of the areas of focus in Rotary. To help encourage our students to think about and embrace peace, our club hosts an essay contest for 7th graders. Three winners are selected from Clay Academy, Creekside and Northwood Middle Schools and St. Mary’s and invited to read their essays to the club at a special meeting.